Be a Part of This Amazing Community & Get Positive Rewards CRYPTODROPZ Coming in Feb 2021

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4 min readJan 14, 2021

Unique Revolutionary Crypto Currency Platform

One Platform with everything that solve all crypto hunters community need which interface between Crypto Currency related Projects & Crypto Hunter Community. Coming Soon in February 2021

Be a Part Of This Amazing Community & Get Positive Rewards Earn Tron Trx with CRYPTO DROPZ — referral plan Coming Soon… February 2021

Get Airdrops Automatically with our New Exclusive Airdrop-Plan — No work required! — Totally Free For Limited Period — Coming Soon… February 2021

After Launched , you ’will be probably collecting a crypto airdrops with Crypto Dropz, For only become a regular user by signing up on Main Platform Plus 100 Points Instant in Your account, by referring friends 1 point More. These points will be converting in shares of Crypto Dropz main platform after a Limited Time a announcement which will be posting On Announcement Section. Then these shares will be converting in Tron Trx. Each user will get reward depending on users individual points — Converts to — Shares = Tron Trx . we’ve concluded that a large percentage of the blockchain community is interested in finding upcoming airdrops.

But what if I told you that claiming free coins isn’t the only way you can earn on CRYPTO DROPZ.

Did I grab your attention? Read on more Features:

Now let’s get to know how you can earn Tron Trx with Crypto Dropz

Airdrop Round 1 ( Instant reward in Your Account Balance)

Become a pro airdrop hunter with Exclusive Offer Which is Totally Free For Limited Time:

1: Sign up Reward 100 Points

2: Refer Friends Reward 10 Points

3: Daily Login reward 1 Points

The best part is yet to come — Airdrop referral Contest

We introduced a referral system. It works like any other reward system you already know from the free airdrops you’ve been collecting.


Log into your Crypto Dropz Dashboard After Launched in Feb 2021

Find your referral link in profile

Share link with friends to earn Points for each sign-up

Check your referral status at “referrals”

Top 20 Inviters Total Reward Pool 1500$ Tron Trx

Rewards will be given as below:

1…………..300 $ Tron Trx

2…………..250$ Tron Trx

3…………..200$ Tron Trx

4…………..175$ Tron Trx

5………….. 150$ Tron Trx

6………….. 100$ Tron Trx

7…………..85$ Tron Trx

8……………60$ Tron Trx

9…………….50$ Tron Trx

10…………..30$ Tron Trx

11…to…20 10$ Each Tron Trx

Referral Contest reward will be given Direct into wallets of Winners. After End Of Contest.

Become a Part of Our Community.

In this way, we will solving several issues with the cryptocurrency giveaway frenzy of today.

You save time

You’re protecting your data

You don’t need to worry about getting paid

By Referring Friends , you can increase your crypto portfolio without lifting a finger. Not bad right?

That’s it.

Start sharing your referral link After Launched and show your friends how to get crypto airdrops without doing all the heavy lifting to fill your Tron Wallet.

You can even earn more!

There’s another referral link in your profile, which is for referring airdrop projects to Crypto Dropz. If you know an ICO, IDO, IEO or STO conducting an airdrop, you can advise them to get listed on for maximum exposure of their airdrop marketing campaign.

If a client purchases a listing package, that’s 5% in your pocket!

So, sharpen those sales skills and start sharing.

Final thoughts

New Exclusive Airdrop-Plan is completely new, and you can jump in on the ground floor Feb 2021! After we will run a pilot test for 3 months, we will implement user feedback and our pilot testers will be happy with the airdropped coins in their wallets.

Most important things is more airdrop coins with the least amount of effort possible!

Stay With us constantly improving our platform and services, feel free to reach out to us .

Now tell me, who’s the real airdrop king?


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Wait For Further Info & Updates, Stay with us.

CRYPTO DROPZ Coming in Feb 2021