Crypto Dropz
3 min readApr 10, 2021

Unique Revolutionary Crypto Currency Platform One Platform with everything that solve all crypto hunters community need which interface between Crypto Currency related Projects & Crypto Hunter Community:


The social significance of the CRYPTODROPZ project is that each participant in the crypto currency world can save his time and receive maximum income for his work or contribution made to the development of any projects that relate to the crypto currency. In addition, this way they positively affect the entire assessment of the crypto industry.
Important Features:
Daily updating Latest Legit Airdrops, Daily Latest Withdrawal & Update News & Latest Crypto News More Features Coming Soon…

Many communities across the world, most especially the community of young individuals have embraced the Financial revolution.

The advent of cryptocurrencies has revolutionized the way we think about money. And as money is the lifeblood of every business, digital tokens have also brought into question business development strategies. Instead of hiring a single freelancer to complete a specific task, for instance, a project can now leverage the wisdom of the crowd to achieve a common goal through something called “crypto bounties.” Similarly, startups can get their token into thousands of hands via “airdrops” and bootstrap a cryptocurrency’s adoption. Like everything in this industry, however, it’s not all roses. Although airdrops and bounty campaigns may seem like surefire ways to attract attention for your idea, they do come with a host of disadvantages. You ’will be probably collecting a crypto airdrops with Crypto Dropz, For only become a regular user by signing up on Main Platform Plus 100 Points Instant in Your account, by referring friends 10 point More. These points will be converting in shares of Crypto Dropz main platform after a Limited Time a announcement which will be posting On NEWS Section. Then these shares will be converting in Tron Trx. Each user will get reward depending on users individual points — Converts to — Shares = Tron Trx . we’ve concluded that a large percentage of the blockchain community is interested in finding upcoming airdrops. But what if I told you that claiming free coins isn’t the only way you can earn on CRYPTO DROPZ.

100 Points — — — 100 Shares — — — 100 Trx Almost

Sign up Bonus (100 Points) & Refer Friends (20 Points)



Mandatory Social Media Tasks:

1: Follow Twitter & Enable Notification, (10 Points)
2: Twitter: Follow ,Like & Retweet Pinned Post using Hash Tags #Airdrop #Bounty #CryptoDropz #Eth #Btc #Tron & Tag @CryptoDropz1 & 3 Friends. (30 Points)
3:Join Telegram Channel: & Telegram Group : (20 Points)
4: Facebook Page Like , Follow, comment & Share Pinned Post (20 Points)
5:Follow Instagram: (20 Points)
6: Follow LinkedIn Page: (20 Points)
7: Follow Medium : (20 Points)
8: Join Reddit: ( 20 Points)
9: Join Discord: (20 Points)
10:Subscribe YouTube Channel, Like, Comment & Share First Video on one of your social media: (80 Points)
11: YouTube Bounty Campaign: (Optional)
Create YouTube Video About Crypto Dropz Concept Minimum Length 4 Min

Top 10 Videos with more views and likes will get bonus:

1 Place 3000 Points
2 Place 2500 Points
3 Place 2000 Points
4 Place 1500 Points
5–10 Place 1000 Points Each
All Points Will be updated on Crypto Dropz Main Dashboard After End OF Campaign
You must have to complete All Mandatory Tasks.
Any fraudulent activity, you may kicked out from our reward, like more than one account from same IP address &
Also if you did not perform all Mandatory Tasks.

Airdrop Campaign Round 1 & 2 Distribution will be started after end of Campaign.
After That You have to submit a Distribution Google Form
Airdrop Distribution Form will be updated Soon…..